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People Are Talking: UMS presents The Pavel Haas Quartet at Rackham Auditorium

Posted: 4/18/12 -- 8:00 am


avatar by The UMS Lobby

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    Another outstanding chamber concert last evening. I think we may have another favorite quartet to invite back to Ann Arbor repeatedly, along with the Takács, Jerusalem, and St. Lawrence Quartets and following in the footsteps of the great Guarneri and Juilliard Quartets.

    The Smetana was outstanding, and I’m very glad to have heard the Haas. I don’t really need to hear it again, but it’s always refreshing when we can get off the beaten path, repertoire-wise. Excellent program and performance.

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    An excellent performance. I was pleasantly surprised by the Haas piece and its diversity in sound. I certainly appreciated its pull on my imagination and hope to discover his other works.

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